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Connection between me and Damon Industry
I have harvested a lot and have grown a lot during the time of working in Damon Industry. Converting to a social man from a student, I did not feel anxious due to stepping into the society and did not feel confused as many graduates because of the good platform given by Damon Industry which set up the correct values for the new employees. It is the “connection” between me and Damon Industry: She makes me grow up, and I love her.
Grow up with Damon Industry
Grow up with Damon Industry!
Craftsman • Innovation, the "Temperament" of Damon Industry in the Eyes of a Newer
In 2017, by coincidence, I forged an indissoluble bond with "Damon Industry". In the six months when I get along with "him", I often chose to be an "observer", quietly experiencing and understanding to look forward to finding a like-minded "home to career" to me. Therefore, when someone asked me what the quality of Damon Industry was, two words occurred to me - Craftsman • Innovation. Concentration, preciseness and creation, are my specific interpretation to the quality of " Craftsman • Innovation."
Advanced Developing, Damon Industry Plays The “Combo” Card
Zhejiang Damon Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Damon Industry”) is a worldly famous manufacture and technical service provider of logistical conveying components (conveyor roller).
Small roller achieves great wisdom
With the rapid development of telecommunication technology and modern logistics technology, our world is becoming smaller and smaller. Now we could get all the necessities of life without leaving home. But behind all this, it is tens of thousands of rollers which support that.
“DamonGreen” bloom in the Roller Market -- An interview with Ms Cai Yongzhen, GM of Damon Industry
In recent years, with the help of the E-commerce explosive growth, Chinese logistics industry prospects has an optimistic expectation, while behind the rapid growth, it’s always reported as good and bad brands mixed together withthe good and bad quality are intermingled.
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