Damon Industry roller supports corrugating industry

        With the continuous upgrading of Chinese carton industry, strict environmental policy implementation and continuous increasing of labor cost, more and more carton factories are paying much attention to the necessity of intelligent carton manufacturing. Under this situation, intelligent manufacturing equipments become particularly important. It can’t harm logistics goods while guaranteeing productivity improvement. The conveyor rollers, seemingly insignificant, are the “Gene” of conveying equipment to escort the intelligent carton production. 



        In corrugated industry, the conveyor rollers mainly apply to the conveying of goods like mounted paper, cardboard and carton. Damon Industry’s gravity conveyor roller is the simplest and most widely used roller, which applies to gravity or passive conveying by manpower push and pull. It is the transitional roller which applies to the equipments like die-cutting machine, splitting machine, wrapping machine and strapping machine. Damon Industry’s belt roller is the main part of belt conveyor pulleys which applies to different parts of equipment and serves different purposes such as drive, tension, direction change and adjustment. It is machine-tooled roller which applies to the equipments like laminator, stacking machine and linking machine. Damon Industry has 40 products series of conveyor rollers that cover various specifications which apply to conveyor, stacker and storage transport line. Damon Industry’s DC24V PULSEROLLER has far-reaching influence on intelligent manufacturing development in post-print conveying and storage besides stable conveying of rollers and improvement of efficiency. It has an advantage in floor space, energy utilization, stability, and efficient conveying over the traditional conveying.


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