GLOBAL LEADING MANUFACTURER OF CONVEYOR ROLLERS ——Providing European local manufacturing, sales and services.

Damon Industry provides millions pieces of rollers all over the world every year for many industry.

With decades’ professional experience of conveyor roller, Damon Industry provides support for global companies to achieve efficient logistics.

Damon Industry, since its establishment, has always been committed to providing thehighest quality conveyor rollers and services for a wide range of industries.

Damon Industry has manufacturing bases in Asia, America and Australia, and providing local manufacturing, sales and services. Damon Industry has also set up a manufacturing base in Europe now, and has always been committed to be a high-quality supplier of conveyor rollers.

Damon Industry conveyor rollers are used in a variety of industries including food distribution, pharmacy, tobacco, clothing, postal express, logistics and distribution, manufacturing, rubber and airport industries. Damon Industry provides a vast range of reliable and innovative roller solutions. Our dedicated and experienced team of sales people and application engineers’ work with our clients to ensure the products are suitable for the application and help users improve efficiency and reduce costs. We will always focus on supplying outstanding conveyor roller solutions to local and global customers.

Globally we have gained the consistent trust of our customers. These customers include influential equipment manufacturing companies and logistics system integrators. We provide customers with over 40 different products covering a variety of specifications to suit user’s different requirements. The customers of using Damon Industry rollers are over Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa, and this range is gradually expanding.

We not only provide high-quality rollers, but also provide a full range of quality services for customers all over the world .From introducing the complete information based ERP management system to the independent research and development of the online roller dimensional drawing system service, we are viewing our market from a brand new perspective and are pleased to share our ideas of quality and innovation with every customer.

With the mission of “Creating value for customer’s logistics systems”, Damon Industry will strive for the vision of becoming “The most influential core components supplier and service provider for the global materials handling industry”.

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