Innovative Solution of Damon Industry Micro Belt Conveyor Pulley Boost the Development of Modern Logistics
Damon Industry willingly becomesnot only a conveying roller supplier but also a solution provider with focus on conveying roller for the customers to contribute to the development of modern logistics!
Damon Industry Rollers Provide Strong Support for the Efficient and Steady Development of Furniture Industry
With the approaching of [Industry 4.0 Era] and the increasingly growing market demand for full sets of distinctive furniture, customized furniture has become a new trend in market consumption.
Belt Conveyoe Pulley of Damon Industry Help to Improve the Logistics Level of the Clothing Industry
At present, belt conveyor pulley of Damon Industry distinguish themselves as they are used in belt conveyors of the clothing industry.
“The Simplest” Gravity Conveyor Roller in Express Delivery/E-commerce Distribution Center
By the end of 2016, the amount of installed light gravity conveyor rollers in global express delivery and e-commerce distribution centers has exceeded over 4 million, which contributes to the rapid development of the industry.
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