Aiming to become a world-renowned logistics equipment and core components supplier and service provider

Mission: Creating value for customer's logistic system.

Our every value is in the customer's operation. How to let customers continue to improve and enhance the competitiveness of logistics system.Answering these questions is the goal we engaged in this career.

Vision: To become the most influential core components supplier and service provider for global conveyor equipment.

We are moving towards a direction which never wavered from the venture. This direction will accompany each DAMON people, inspiring our team to play the effect and bringing the global customers trusted value. This direction is becoming the global well-known logistics equipment key component supplier and service provider and always keeping our unremitting pursuit of the leading.


For customers:supply products of exquisite design and excellent manufacturing, serve for customers and help them to increase competitiveness.
For employees:provide attractive, high-quality living and working environment for all employees and their families.
For shareholders:create long term persistent and high efficient return of investment.
For society:Advocate the concept of sustainable development and business ethics,and reduce the impact of industrial manufacturing on living environment.
For partners:build up a cooperation pattern of common development and refulgence.


customer value  Mutual trust cooperation  Inheritance and innovation  Teamwork  Strict discipline

Social commitment

Become a qualified corporate citizen by the practical actio

Damon Industry pursues the strategy of sustainable development. In this major strategy of the future, we are attention to the importance of the wide effect bought by the company operating, whether it is economic, environmental, social, or the impact applied in the human. We are convinced that these effects are related to the future of the company. Thus, we give full consideration to customers, employees and their community and other stakeholders' interests In the company's business process.  
   We are pursuit of the mode which is low carbon environmental protection, health and safety of operation. We reduce the energy consumption through the promotion of lean production and technical skills, make sustainable development become feasible and effective.
We are striving for creating a work environment meeting the safety standards for staff. We have to be safe as a key indicator of environmental, health and safety team assessment through a series of management and promotion measures.  
   In the future, we will go on our environmental protection concept of sustainable development our staff will reach the objective of environmental protection with our customers and partners, contribute our own strength for promoting the long-term development of society.

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