Connection between me and Damon Industry

I was an ordinary member of 7,950,000 college graduates in 2017. That year, I faced a problem of looking for my first job after graduating just like all the others. However, unexpectedly, I, majoring Electric Automation and mainly studying PLC programming at college, had a story with the machine building industry.


In December 2016, I, an undergraduate at that time, learnt that we were going to practice outside at a class meeting, which meant that my college life was coming to an end and that one of my feet has entered the gate of society. To tell the truth, I was also very confused at that time, and I had never thought of what I wanted to do just like many people. Soon, the school and enterprises successively carried out the event of intern recruitment. I also paid attention to the recruitment notice of the enterprises in hometown on the Internet as well. After some searching and preliminary understanding, I called Zhejiang Damon Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Damon Industry). Thanks to smooth telephone communication, I received an interview soon. On December 14, 2016, when I came to Damon Industry for the first time, I firstly felt the beautiful environment, spacious office building and the plant of large area after entering the gate of the company. I was impressed by the tremendous strength of Damon Industry. I reached the office building after walking through a path with the wisteria flower stand along the clear road signs. I applied for the post in the sales department. After the interviews by the relevant department, I formally began my internship on December 19, 2016 in Damon Industry


I, a new comer, was not familiar with the company’s products when I came to Damon Industry at the beginning. I firstly studied in the workshop, which was also the fastest approach to be familiar with the company’s products. After the internship for one month and by learning from every professional master, I deeply felt the experience and specialty of Damon Industry in roller manufacturing: The repeated inspections from raw materials control to the product quality test enabled me to find such originally cold “weapons” were more like the unique crafts. Gradually, I learned more: Damon Industry was founded in 1997. It grew into a large-scale and technology-leading company having more than 200 employees, automatic production and manufacturing equipment, professional electric roller workshop and leading belt roller workshop, which provided more than 4,000,000 rollers for the world every year. It has experienced the growth and transformation for 20 years from a small plant. In recent 20 years, Damon Industry has continuously optimized the technology and the product structure and has kept technology-leading in the industry all the time, focusing on research & development and manufacturing of roller for 20 years. It has adhered to one direction firmly since its entrepreneurship and has devoted to becoming the world’s most influential provider and service supplier in the field of core parts of logistics equipment.


In addition to focusing on the product R&D, manufacturing and promotion, Damon Industry has also paid close attention to teamwork and coordination and personnel cultivation. The company has not only emphasized the development and promotion of senior employees but also the training and cultivation of new employees as well. Apart from the basic safety training, regulations and rules, it will develop a promotion way of long-term development for the new employees according to their characteristics.


So far, I have been in Damon Industry for over one year. This year, led by the leaders, I have had the firm mission in heart and have made all efforts to complete every piece of work at hand with due diligence. I have strived to realize the commitment to the clients and to provide the higher-quality services and products of more stable quality to help the clients to promote their own competitiveness just like every employee of Damon. I think I have given to my value.

I have harvested a lot and have grown a lot during the time of working in Damon Industry. Converting to a social man from a student, I did not feel anxious due to stepping into the society and did not feel confused as many graduates because of the good platform given by Damon Industry which set up the correct values for the new employees. It is the “connection” between me and Damon Industry: She makes me grow up, and I love her. 

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