What can I do for the brand?

Early in 1997, Damon Industry has been involved in R&D and manufacturing of key components of logistics transportation. After nearly 20 years of hard working, Damon Industry rollerrise and expandwith the rise of Chinese logistics industry. Today, Damon industry has become one of the world's largest, best quality and the most famous brand in the industry, accepted and be trusted by many customers.


The development of each brand is the effort from every employee. No matter what position you are in, what responsibilities of work you take, you are an important point for the brand, also can do a lot to support the brand. Each employee need to think about how to give support to Damon brand in their own position.


“Leading the team and continuing to enhance customers’ competitiveness, so that customers are proud of their choice of Damon brand."

"To share the caseof brand, so that everyone can feel the power of brand."

“Strengthen the concept that customer first, pay more attention to product quality, optimize operation management, achieve first-class brand. “

These arevoicesfrom theDamonIndustry top managers.


“tricking, using, training, holding professional and high-qualitystaff, let the personnel to become an important element of Damon Industry brand”, this is the voice from Damon Industry’s human resources department.


"The internal sales teamby the sense of services of " dare not to force you, have no choice but to embarrass myself, "maintenanceof new and old customers, reducing development costs; external sales team uniform dress, wear work card, deepen customer brand awareness. "This is the voice from sales department.


"Require whole team to work with high quality standards." This is the voice from the technical center.


"Do good job in each of the internal and external promotion activities, promote Damon industry brand to more people", which is the voice derived from the marketing department.


“Financeis the gold rush of the data, collecting all kinds of documents and data.Using the analysis tool, to find the problem which need to be improved, or to tap the future demands.Using a large data analysis to support the brand ". This is the voice from Damon Industry’s Finance Department.


“Strictly control each process with the technical requirements;Handle customer’s feedback on time, and make reasonable solutions”. This is the voice from thequality management department.


"Quality, quantity, on-time finish of customer orders, and constantly optimize the cost." This is the voice from the purchasing department.


“Make correct packaging standard identificationfor each coming items, and make correct delivery of every batch is to contribute power to the brand."

Raw materials and finished goods warehouse staff said.




And more from the frontline employees:

"Do well on material storage, finish planning of the order on the same day, and finish other tasks assigned by the leader on time."

"Try to make each tool with high standard, and make every machine in most ideal state, to complete the daily workwith the greatest enthusiasm."

"To strengthen the quality control of electroplating products, delivery time control, increase the competitiveness of the company's products."

"In the process of making products, achieve the spirit of the craftsman."

"Machining every tube perfectly, begin from myself, do good surface quality."

"Safety first."

Each sentence, simple but true, affects our heart. Let’s work together for the "Damon industry" brand!

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