“DamonGreen” bloom in the Roller Market -- An interview with Ms Cai Yongzhen, GM of Damon Industry

In recent years, with the help of the E-commerce explosive growth, Chinese logistics industry prospects has an optimistic expectation, while behind the rapid growth, it’s always reported as good and bad brands mixed together withthe good and bad quality are intermingled. Therefore,how to create our own unique brand is an urgent need solved problem inlogistics industry.

As the largest manufacturer of conveying roller, Damon Industry held a new image and new product press conference named “Green Power Inside” on March 20th. At the conference, Damon Industry officially announced to launch the new color of Damon roller end cap----“Damon Green”. The newimage of Damon roller was immediately attracted people’s attention soon after it’s released.As a renownedroller supplier in China,why Damon Industry take the risk to determine to showa brand new image? Is Damon worried about the decision will bother the customers?  To clarify these questions, Ringier exclusively interview general manager of Damon Industry Ms. Cai Yongzhen, she will deeply interpret the reason and significance of the color change to Damon Industry.

A new imageis the demand of the market at the moment.

Since established in 1997, Damon Industry is now becoming the largest manufacturer of conveyor roller with 20 years striving in the field of logistics components.

With the 20 years striving experience, Damon Industry witness and boost the development of the logistics industry, the Damon brand and image has also been aroundthe people in the industry imperceptibly, to become benchmarking enterprises of the industry development.

Therefore, when Ms. Cai wasasked why change color to“Damon green”,she said very confidently, changing the new color is for thepurpose of building up the Damon Industry brand which has been deep cultivating in the logistics components industry for many years, so it needs to create a differentiation and unique new image under the brand of serious homogeneity. The establishment of a new image will also help to broadcast the service concept of Damon Industry to the customers.


She stressed,the brand is the core element of the survival and development of enterprises, the development of any enterprise have to do the image construction, 
Chinese logistics market itself has a huge space for development, and it is quietly evolving quickly upgrade with the joint efforts of the industry colleagues. If blindly rut without own brand construction, they will be submerged in the tide of the industry reshuffle finally. Damon Industry has the technical strength and the enthusiasm to the logistics components industry which the other enterprises don’t have. It can make the customers a new understanding of Damon Industry by shaping the new image, as well as the technology and good service of Damon Industry. Although, it is only change the color of the roller end caps, a distinct image means that a higher recognition and higher expectationof customers, so Damon Industry will seize the opportunity to take the challenge.

For whether it will make trouble to customers, Ms. Cai said: “For the orders that customers had already placed, we will keep the yellow color end caps, and during the transitional period we will also provide a sufficient number of yellow accessories andproducts. So customers no need to worry, and we believe we cansmoothly passed the transitional period with the customers."

Brand upgrade together with the technology andmanagement development.

However, the logistics industry is booming at present, so the competition is very fierce and cruel, and the replacement of the new image does not mean that everything will be fine. On the contrary, the taut string of Damon Industry can’t be relaxed, but it needs to be morepractical to change and development, earnestly to provide excellent quality products and service for customers.

She said, Damon Industry in logistics industry development is not a short period, and we will not pursuit of short-term interests.During the development,the first consideration must be the customers’ satisfaction. Damon Industry also cares about the customer satisfaction survey. Damon Industry will improve themselves according to the customer's feedback, to solve the problems in order to maintain thestable developedrelations with customers.

Regarding the management preparation of the enterprise, Ms. Cai Yongzhen said,"Hyalinize" is a part of full improvement of Damon Industry at present. The so-called "Hyalinize", that is to do business inside and outside all transparent, allow the enterprises management and staff to maintain communication, to keep pace with enterprise development andcustomers demand.

No doubt , the new image of the Damon Industry will be a new start, it needs to be prepared from technicalequipment, personnel management and development strategy, and take the challenge at any time that may occur in the future. It required big encouragement. In the current booming of the logistics industry, in the face of "Change or dead" , we might look forward to the new image of Damon Industry how to create more surprises to the market.

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