Better choice of conveyor roller frees you from "rust" worry
Conveyor roller is one of the most important parts in the logistics system, so how to quickly find out its prime configuration is a matter of concern for many users. Therefore, I will show you better roller configuration according to the classification of gravity roller, drive roller and electric roller in the following part.
Damon Industry Extends Coverage in the European Market to Offer Local Quality Service to the Customers
[Stuttgart, Germany, 31 May - 2 June 2022], Damon Industry Europe presented its range of conveyor rollers at LogiMAT, the international exhibition for distribution, logistics and information. This exhibition is the most influential trade fair in the European logistics industry that brings together many of the world's leading logistics equipment manufacturers and integrators.
【Applied Research Institute】 What is an "all stainless-steel conveyor roller"?
Hello, everyone, I'm Yu Jun. Welcome to my research institute.
Damon Industry helps fruits and vegetables sorting intelligent conveying
In this epidemic situation, in order to avoid the risk of contact as much as possible, more and more people are switching from buying fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk and other daily necessities from offline stores to mobile phones orders and home delivery, which greatly increases people's demand for online orders.
Damon Industry helps the development of logistics mobile robot (AGV) technology
With the rapid development of the 4.0 industry, factory automation has become the key to the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. Using automated logistics equipment, to obtain efficient delivery, storage, transportation, and turnover of materials, forms an automated network, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the factories. However, there are also some problems. For example, in the current scenario, there is still a weak point meaning that materials need to be manually carried when they reach the end of the conveying line, which restricts the space for further improvement of logistics efficiency.
Damon Industry Digital Workshop won the title of "Smart Factory"
Recently, Huzhou Economy and Information Technology Bureau announced the list of Future Factories and Smart Factories (digital workshops) in Huzhou in 2021. Damon Industry “Smart Logistics Equipment Production Digital Workshop” had the honor to be named "Huzhou Smart Factory (digital workshop)".
Dedao Microclass——Employ different methods with equal success
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