Damon Industrial invites you to the LET China Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition
[May 18-20, 2023, Guangzhou] Damon Industry sincerely invites you to visit Booth F20, Hall 19.1 to discuss conveyor roller solutions.
Damon Industry —— High-quality rollers guaranteed
Damon Industry is like a mature and stable middle-aged man but young at heart: dedicated but not rigid, stable but innovative, reliable and dynamic, providing you with a trustworthy "guarantee of high-quality rollers".
The force driven V – shape, keeping shaft grinding away
Today small make up take you to understand the production of the grinding shaft and the solution!
Rest assured when turning the corner with my support!
Let's see, with the new design of the Dema cone sleeve roller, how to let loose slip troubles away quickly!
From a processed part to an industrial product——The Damon Industry’s belt conveyor roller
With the rapid development of the logistics equipment industry, especially of the local express delivery industry, the demand for belt conveyors has increased significantly, along with the demand for rollers, so the market urged the standardization of the belt conveyor rollers. However, since the market has not imposed any standards, both the belt conveyor manufacturer and the end user confronted with some problems. In order to meet the customers’ needs, Zhejiang Damon Industry has launched a standardization program in the following areas:
Better choice of conveyor roller frees you from "rust" worry
Conveyor roller is one of the most important parts in the logistics system, so how to quickly find out its prime configuration is a matter of concern for many users. Therefore, I will show you better roller configuration according to the classification of gravity roller, drive roller and electric roller in the following part.
Damon Industry’s high quality roller guarantee
Zhejiang Damon Industrial CO. LTD promised to offer a guarantee of high quality rollers. Everybody knows that rollers are one of the key parts of a logistics conveying equipment. The quality of rollers will determine the quality of the whole transportation system. “Creating competition for customers in the logistics field” is Zhejiang Damon Industrial CO. LTD’s mission. Every employee at Damon Industrial Co. set a goal from delivering high-quality products.
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