1.All steel cylinder, more sturdy and durable.

2.The steel sprocket is welded with the tube, so that it can deliver higher

torque and meet the  requirements of medium and heavy load transmission.

3.The design of the polyamide end cap of the roller can prevent the damage of 

dust and splashing  water to the  bearing to a certain extent.

4.Tube standard taper 3.6° (taper can be customized).

5.In order to achieve more rational turning performance, sprocket tooth

6.thickness is slightly smaller than the conventional.

  Usually, the weight of the goods suitable for transportation is not more than 200kg.

7.Applicable temperature: -5℃~+40℃.

   Please contact us if humidity out of this scope.


Steel Z/PSS
Φ 502.0Φ12/1508B14T

Remark :If used in high and low temperature or special environment,please specify clearly.

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