Damon & Tao Micro lecture --"Stalling" Tactics
Release Time:2023-02-08

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Today's Issue: Different speed control solutions are available when goods run on the downhill section.

[Readers' Confusion] 

With the rapid development of society, online shopping has become an indispensable way of life. With this power comes the rapid development of the logistics industry. The development of package sorting system is also becoming more and more abundant and various in delivery companies represented by SF Holding and Four Links and One Up. 

However, how to control the sliding speed of the goods has become a new problem in planning and design, due to the increase in the height of the line and the appearance of the downhill line in the conveying and sorting system. 

[Thinking Time]

The weight and initial speed of the goods varies due to different slopes of the downhill lines.

 Accordingly, there are many ways to control the sliding speed of goods. 

To sum up, these ways can be divided into the following three categories by the driving forms of the downhill line:

● Driven type

● Gravity type

● Damping type

[Damon & Tao, Ways & Solutions] 

Driven type 

Elements: The downhill conveying line has its own power conveying capacity. Therefore, the speed will be controlled by the downhill conveying line itself, after goods enter the downhill section from high-speed occasions. 

Implementation methods: I. Electric roller conveying line. II. Belt conveying line. 

Typical conditions: As shown below 


Gravity type 

Elements: Deceleration can be realized through the consumption of goods' kinetic energy by the own rotation resistance of the downhill conveying line during operation. 

Implementation methods: 

I. Use the modified friction accumulating conveyor roller alternately. 


II. Use O belt roller and wind the O belt reversely into "8" mode. 


Typical conditions: Deceleration can be realized by the slide path with relatively gentle slope and slow initial goods' speed, enabling the roller to hinder the movement of goods when they reach the tail area of the ramp. 

Damping type 

Elements: The damping roller will consume kinetic energy by itself during operation. And the faster the rotation speeds, the greater the internal resistance. Therefore, goods will reduce gliding speed for the forward resistance got in the process of passing through the damping roller. 

Typical conditions: The glide slope of goods can be controlled within limits to let the goods reach the bottom station smoothly without impact, by the slide path with slow initial goods' speed. 



Of all the tactics for Damon & Tao, there is always a tactic suitable for you. Above are several common ways of downhill speed control, hoping to provide you with some ideas and inspiration in schematic design. 

Virtue & Tao Micro lecture, where knowledge lies. See you next time~ 

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