Introduction to the selection of different types of brake rollers/speed controllers for conveying
Release Time:2023-01-29

Under the current situation of the high cost of land, green energy-saving and emission reduction, many application scenarios of conveying and sorting are increasingly designed with solutions that make full use of site height. Compared with vertical conveyor, shuttle and stacker, a non-powered flow rack with a certain inclination angle can use the goods' weight for conveying and has the advantages of simple design and economic cost. To prevent the goods from sliding too fast due to gravitational acceleration, we usually add brake rollers (speed controllers) to the gravity conveyor to control the goods to keep running at a low safe conveying speed.


Damon ’s brake roller/speed controller is designed with planetary gear transmission structure and brake block, in order to reduce the speed of goods with faster downward speed, decrease the impact of cargo acceleration and ensure safety during conveying. Based on the installation method, brake rollers can generally be divided into two categories: Internal and External.


The BR50 and BR60 brake rollers for light loads are both internal brake rollers.

This type of roller can be flexibly arranged according to the actual working conditions, and the applicable range is 3-12° of slide inclination. In addition to its use on gravity conveyor, it can also be used in other scenarios such as spiral gravity conveyor. At the same time, due to the insufficient friction between the plastic box and the steel surface, we can also provide the option of a PU sleeve or PVC sleeve. The BR50 brake rollers are available in "flat milling + bracket" and "hexagonal shaft" mounting options.


There are three types of heavy-duty brake rollers: internal BR80, external BE120 and BT120.

The internal BR80 model is equipped with two brackets mounted inside the frame, and the surface of the brake roller is usually 1-2mm higher than that of the non-driven rollers, the speed can be reduced adaptively within the corresponding weight range. The recommended slide inclination is 1.8 - 2.3 degrees. For plastic pallets with too little friction at the bottom, the surface of 80 brake rollers can be knurled. 


The external BE120 model is installed under the non-driven rollers, and the damping force can be controlled by adjusting the tension bolt, so it has the advantages of convenient adjusting and is relatively friendly to suit the imperfect pallet bottom flatness in applications.


The external BT120 model is mainly used in wheel flow system, where the damping force is transmitted through the contact between the two rubber-coated wheels and the brake rollers below. It is mainly used in applications where the crosspiece at the bottom of the pallet is perpendicular to the conveying direction.


In conclusion, if the objects below 100kgs need to control the speed of flow or slow down the sorting exit, you can choose Damon BR50 and BR60 internal brake rollers; In the case of pallets within the range of 200-1000kgs in gravity conveyor, BR80, BE120 or BT120 models can be selected according to different conditions such as installation mode, inclination and type of pallet bottom. For pallets of 1000-1500kgs, BR80/BA internal brake roller can be used.

For unconventional use or conditions beyond the recommended range as indicated in our product catalogue, please feel free to contact us.

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