Release Time:2023-03-22

In order to ensure product quality and production efficiency, a well-known domestic cookware company has focused on investing in several smart factories, adopting several intelligent and automated production and logistics technologies. This time, we will focus on Wenling factory from Zhejiang Province, with eight production plants, covering a total area of about 306667 m2. In this smart factory, Damon Industry provides pallet rollers for its nearly 3,000 m conveyor sorting system. In Factory No.1, there are about 18,000+ pallet storage spaces, and based on an eight-hour workday, the daily inbound volume is over 600 pallets, and the outbound volume of finished products can be over 700 pallets. Therefore, high requirements are put forward for the stability and reliability of the logistics transmission line to ensure the efficiency of the whole system, otherwise, it can lead to large losses. 



For the core components of the roller conveyor line - rollers also have such requirements. For nearly 3000m body line, thousands or even ten thousands of pallet steel sprocket rollers are needed for transportation. The application of such a large number of rollers is actually a great test for the quality stability and batch consistency of rollers. Providing one sample does not mean that 10,000 products with consistent quality can be produced.

Once the quality of the roller is unstable, for example, due to welding defects such as air holes, the welding part between the sprocket and the steel pipe may break off or even break during use, resulting in local or multi-station shutdown, causing serious losses.

Moreover, the batch consistency of rollers is equally important. For example, the batch fluctuation of the circular runout of the rollers varies greatly. In addition, after the rollers are installed on the equipment, there are some elevation gaps on the conveying surfaces. Various accumulated errors plus roller runout may cause pallets to bump into each other during transportation, or even cause the pallets to tilt in the running direction, resulting in undesirable consequences such as running jam.

How does Damon Industry ensure quality stability and batch consistency?

1. Raw material control: the customized steel pipe is better than the requirements of European EN10305-2 precision welded steel pipe, with ≤ 0.25mm roundness and ≤8% wall thickness deviation, to ensure that the fit between the steel pipe and the sprocket is within a controllable range, to avoid the big gap caused by the misalignment between the sprocket and the steel pipe after welding, or that the sprocket cannot fit in due to a too small gap.


2.Exquisite full welding process, special fixture and automatic welding equipment, with full dissolution and full weld seam. In order to ensure the reliability and strength of welding, we provide slice inspection and welding penetration inspection.


3. Based on the roundness requirements of steel pipes, we also control the straightness of steel pipes ≤ 0.5 mm/m, and the verticality of pipe mouth ≤0.3mm after blanking. Every procedure such as welding, assembly and finished products shall be strictly tested to ensure that each process is within the qualified ranges before stepping to the next process.




The galvanization is certified by SGS and meets REACH environmental protection requirements. Pallet sprocket roller has passed the verification of 1 million pallet runs and has been recognized by overseas customers. The exquisite craftsmanship, excellent equipment and strict quality control system of Damon Industry are all aimed at improving customers' competitiveness guaranteeing the good operation of the project.

Damon Industry pallet roller helps the automated sorting equipment in the cookware industry to achieve safety management goals, reduce labor intensity and improve sorting accuracy. Fully meet the needs of smart and automated production of the project. The whole project has been successfully delivered and has been in trouble-free operation up to now. It demonstrates Damon Industry rollers’ high standards, strict requirements and high stability of product quality, which has won high praise from end customers and integrators.

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