Spoiler: The First Stage of Damon EPR Information Project Has Been Successfully Completed
Release Time:2019-06-06

It has been three months since ERP upgrading project launched by Damon after the Spring Festival of 2019. At present, the blueprint design has been successfully completed according to the node plan, and the deviation degree of time plan is only 0.21%. Then, what highlights does this set of new information system have? How will it promote the company management as well as the customer value? We can see it from three aspects of sales management, technology management as well as production management. 


I. Sales management: 

1. Individualized management of files of the customers' products to ensure accuracy. 

The new system will establish the customers' individualized files based on the customers' product features, store the drawing data ad material codes of the customers' products and their matching and correlation with Damon products to ensure the accurate provision of the customized finished products required by the customers. 

2. The more reasonable contract scheduling closer to the customers' demands. 

In the new system, the system scheduling will be made by the sales directly according to the customers' delivery plan, and the delivery time shall be updated in due time in the system through the internal collaboration with the company's production to meet the customers' multi-batch delivery requirements.  

3. Quicker and more accurate product quotation. 

The new system will cover all the categories of products sold by the company, and corresponding to the customers' customized products, the system will automatically calculate the price based on the actual value of the materials and expenses of labor to avoid the human error and be more rapid and more accurate. 

II. Technology management: 

1. Better integrity and higher efficiency of modeling. 

The new system is still based on the core idea of configuration BOM but the number of basic product will be greatly reduced. And it will be realized by adding the configuration items so that the integrity degree of modeling will be higher. But the number may be reduced from the current 7,000 to over 2,000. The designed time for the customers to wait for modeling can be reduced. 

2. Scattered and whole separation mode to reduce the manual production.

The same products can select different process routes due to different quantity, and the whole and scattered separation mode can be finally realized in the new system without adjustment the processes manually at the plan end. 

III. Production management:  

1. Launch of the whole-line module to improve the accuracy, timeliness and flexibility of production. 

The schemes including the purchase SRM platform, consignment VMI management, PDA management of the warehouse system and inspection item and standard in the quality management driving by configuration have been confirmed one by one. It has made the planning for the launch of APS of Phase II, and the launch of such modules will greatly improve the accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of production; meanwhile, it will improve the flexibility of the production scheduling so as to be able to meet the current production demands of annual scheduling of 15,000 orders and 80,000 specifications and the production demands of 30,000 orders and 200,000 specifications in the next 5 year.

For three month, the departments have conducted the in-depth and open exchange and collision on how the system will add the value for the customers and how the system will improve the management benefits and have integrated the ERP company experts' opinions for joint confirmation. They have laid the solid foundation for the work of the next step. In the next 7 month, we will bear the heavy responsibilities from the scheme to implementation but the partners are full of confidence in preparing the work of the next stage. 

We are looking forward to the early launch of Damon ERP new system to bring the greater value to the internal management and our customers! 

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