There’s a new plan for the small sized belt conveyor
Release Time:2019-05-23

Belt conveyor is the most common piece of equipment in handling goods in indoor places. Due to the fact that it is a customizable product, its design and structure are very much alike, so in everybody’s mind, there’s no need for upgrades and improvements for this type of product.      

In comparison with the roller conveyor, requirements for belt conveyor’s goods dimension and flatness are not as strict, which means that transportation is smooth and there are no gaps, making it suitable for transporting small goods and small boxes. But do you think this reliable and mature product has no flows? Impossible. We found out some unsatisfactory features from the point of view of the power source:         

1、Traditional motor driven roller conveyors occupy a relatively large space because of the external suspension of the motor. In small places, they are difficult to use.  

2、With alternative current (AC) driven roller conveyor the space problem is solved, but because most of the AC electric rollers are oil-cooled, if the belt tension is not well-controlled, electric rollers tend to overload. Running like this for a while causes axis deformation, which affects the oil seal. Oil leaks have bad effects on the environment and food and hygiene industries, especially, are very sensitive to environment pollution; in places where people need to weigh or labor, electricity should be shut down and start up again, which is a test for the AC driven roller conveyor.      

 Aiming to provide a belt conveyor suitable for small objects, Damon Industry started from customers’ pain-points and came up with a 24V direct current driven roller conveyor, replaced the flat belt with an elastic belt and found a solution to transporting small objects.       



Below, you can see which are the advantages of using this type of small sized belt roller conveyor:

1. In comparison with the motor driven roller conveyor, its structure is quite simple and its elastic belt only needs to be pre-tensioned and pre-positioned so not to deviate from the correspondent structure;   

2.  In comparison with the AC driven roller conveyor’s structure, it is able to start and shut frequently, it has a wide speed regulation range and also, it solved the oil leaking problem;        

3. For a small sized belt roller conveyor the deviation problem is solved due to a wider belt;        

Damon Industry provides corresponding technical support to customers who will select this type of belt roller conveyor. Our company will also provide the electric rollers, the powerless rollers and the elastic belts. Customers need only to make a stander on which to assemble rollers and the belt. Quick and easy!   

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