Damon Industry helps fruits and vegetables sorting intelligent conveying
Release Time:2024-06-05

In this epidemic situation, in order to avoid the risk of contact as much as possible, more and more people are switching from buying fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk and other daily necessities from offline stores to mobile phones orders and home delivery, which greatly increases people's demand for online orders.

Nowadays, the epidemic situation is still severe, and while changing people's daily life and consumption habits, it also creates higher requirements for end logistics such as fruit and vegetable sorting. From the dynamic weighing after fruit loading to merging and testing, to grading and boxing, and finally to palletizing into warehouses, the application of different process sections will have different requirements for rollers.

First of all, the goods are of different sizes, so that they can't cause any transportation damage while being transported. Besides the protection of fruit bowls, this time, the application of Damon Industry micro-elastic belts conveyors also happens to be brought into full play. Through the electric roller drive, the passive rollers and elastic belts are driven, so that the goods can be conveyed more stably. Moreover, it can be started and stopped quickly and frequently to assist in dynamic weighing. The structure is simple, maintenance-free, safe, and stable.


Secondly, sorted goods conveying stability is important. The small tray size, large roller run out, and the cumulative error of installation will cause the fruit tray to show wavy conveying. Because of the limitations of conveying products that are too small, the requirements for rollers are very high in all aspects. While selecting high-quality raw materials, some key indexes of Damon Industry rollers are more strictly customized, which makes the rollers have better circular jumping performance than JB/T 7012-2008.


On the other hand, most belt conveyors are used for wide and narrow conveying, which seems simple and clear, but it is actually a mystery. In order to make the transition of goods conveying more stable, higher requirements are put forward for the comprehensive overall requirements of belt rollers. For example, the control of processing technology, the special selection of bearings, the stress of assembly requirements, etc., it is particularly important to change "difficult to replace" into "replacement-free"; to avoid the "intermittent music" and abnormal damage to bearings, to adopt "V" flat installation for fastening and conveying and many others. At present, Damon Industry belt rollers have been used in many customers' projects.


After the final grading and packing, it is palletized into the warehouse, 800KG ~ 1000KG heavy-duty goods transport, using the pallet conveyor roller, cargo sorting and storage, and finally, the goods are delivered to your doorstep step by step with the help of the "last mile" third-party delivery at the end, to achieve convenient purchase at the same time, to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables and safe logistics.

Online orders continue to grow in the short term. Considering the shortage of personnel, materials and time during the epidemic, we need stable delivery of logistics equipment and more reliable support of equipment parts to support the supply of daily products. As a supplier and service provider in the field of core components for logistics equipment, Damon Industry will  always be committed to providing customers with high quality conveying rollers and excellent solutions to protect logistics conveying equipment for customers.

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