Damon Industry helps the development of logistics mobile robot (AGV) technology
Release Time:2024-06-14

With the rapid development of the 4.0 industry, factory automation has become the key to the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. Using automated logistics equipment, to obtain efficient delivery, storage, transportation, and turnover of materials, forms an automated network, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the factories. However, there are also some problems. For example, in the current scenario, there is still a weak point meaning that materials need to be manually carried when they reach the end of the conveying line, which restricts the space for further improvement of logistics efficiency.



The integration of logistics mobile robots (AGVs) into factory automation systems to achieve unmanned flexible logistics transport holds the promise of completely solving the problem of material end handling.


         "Lower height, faster, and high efficiency" is the theme song of the technical innovation of logistics mobile robots (AGV). The compact structure and intelligent drive function of the DC24V electric roller made by Damon Industry are exactly in line with this development demand, making the technical development of logistics mobile robot (AGV) even more powerful.



When Damon Industry DC24V electric roller is applied to logistics mobile robots (AGV), they mainly reflect the following three advantages:

1. Compact structure

In the traditional AC motor drive design, the motor usually hangs below the roller, which takes up a large space, and the overall structure is more complex.

In contrast, Damon Industry DC24V electric roller has a micro-motor built into the roller, so that the shape of the electric roller is consistent with that of the driven roller. This greatly simplifies the overall structure of the AGV, reduces the space requirements, and reduces the weight. Such advantages are undoubtedly very suitable for the technical development requirements of logistics mobile robots (AGV).


2. Smooth transportation

When the logistics mobile robot (AGV) is moving, because of its high speed, it is easy for the goods to drive the rollers to rotate due to inertia when the AGV starts and stops. This causes the goods to move relative to the AGV and may even fall out of the AGV. Therefore, generally, a blocking mechanism will be added to prevent this from happening, but the disadvantage of doing so is that the overall structure of AGV becomes more complex.

The servo locking function of Damon Industry DC24V electric roller can realize the effect of locking the roller itself after the roller stops running. It ensures that the goods are "stable as a rock" when AGV is moving.

3. Smart drive

The Damon Industry bus type intelligent control card CONVEYLINX-ECO contains a processing chip, with an integrated sensor power supply and signal acquisition, and supports custom programs. 

When used with Damon Industry DC24V electric roller, it enables logical control of logistics mobile robots (AGVs) without the need to set up a microcontroller and PLC. This can greatly save the cost of the control system and further simplify the structure of AGVs.


At present, the multi-type logistics mobile robot (AGV) equipped with Damon Industry DC24V electric roller has been widely used in various automation factory projects, contributing to the "last step" of logistics automation.

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