Without destruction there can be no construction——Damon Industry’s Plastic Steel Shaft Roller
Release Time:2021-03-04

Regardless of its size or long history, the box conveyor is known as a "veteran" in the logistics transportation system and it has been employed to "serve" in various logistics sorting and transportation centers around the world.

However, with the rapid development of automation in logistics, the terminal puts forward higher requirements for the conveying parts: the conveying speed increases, but the overall noise needs to be reduced, there is a ban on zinc and copper, but it is necessary to maintain a good rust resistance. In the face of this difficult situation, the "veteran" traditional box conveyor also felt "powerless".


How to sort out this difficult situation? Faced with challenges, Damon Industry never stopped looking for solutions. As the saying goes, "without destruction there can be no construction", how did we do it? 


The answer lies in the new Damon Industry product – the Plastic Steel Shaft Roller

First of all, we made a bold move to use plastic steel as a material; secondly, we chose the most flexible shaft installation method and an even more reliable 11 hexagonal shaft form. When the S11 hexagonal holes design is used, the "plastic steel shaft" type of roller gets "seamlessly jointed". There is no need to change the original design, which means that customers don’t have to worry about this aspect. At the same time, the spindle head has a shuttle-shaped design, which can be adapted to a larger hole tolerance (the opposite side 11.2~11.7mm can be easily installed).


On the other hand, the shuttle-shaped design and plastic steel meet customers' needs for "high speed and low noise".

After the conventional and elastic carbon steel shaft roller is installed, a gap can remain between the shaft hole and the frame hole. When the equipment is running, the collision between the two generates noise, the faster the speed, the more the rollers, the obvious the noise. By using the shuttle-shaped design, we can avoid gap forming, and the plastic steel has the effect of damping on vibration, thereby further enhancing “quietness” during the use of the equipment.

Having to deal with special industries such as new energy and considering that a ban on zinc and copper is imposed on rollers in battery manufacturing, conventional methods imply either high-cost stainless steel shaft cores or shafts with weak rust prevention capabilities. Damon Industry’s Plastic Steel Shaft Roller completely meets the anti-rust requirements, while avoiding the high costs that come with using stainless steel, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.


Finally, the 40kg carrying capacity of each of the plastic steel shaft rollers can satisfy the needs associated with conveying lots and different types of boxes. Moreover, the variety of performance tests such as strength, impact, and endurance that were run on the product make it very reliable.

As a supplier of core components for logistics transportation equipment, Damon Industry always provided reliable products and high-quality services. More than that, Damon Industry is trying to provide better solutions day by day.

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