Let’s talk a bit about the opportunities and losses brought by 2020 to the roller industry
Release Time:2020-05-21

2020, the year of the Metal Rat. The biggest Black Swan event (the Coronavirus outbreak) is impacting the whole world. Up until today, more than 4.7 million people worldwide have been infected with the new coronavirus, and the number of deaths exceeded 300,000. Almost every country in the world has been affected by the epidemic. China was hit by the first wave of the epidemic and it is gradually recovering, stabilizing its economic activities. European and American countries affected by the second wave epidemic are currently in dire straits and dealing with stalling or slow economies.  

The global economic environment is in total chaos. As a manufacturing company, we witness a decline in the entire economic environment. How to correctly evaluate the losses and opportunities brought by the epidemic as a business running in roller manufacturing industry? How to spend this cold winter and welcome the spring? It is a subject worth discussing:

During the epidemic, countries and cities around the world have been on lockdown, causing the entire economic activity to stop. Many customers in the roller industry were forced to cancel or postpone some projects. The demand for rollers tends to be low. The epidemic situation in Europe and America is not over yet, impacting the export of roller industry products. Export orders dropped dramatically. Due to the deterioration of economic environment, investors tend to be more conservative, the market is shrinking and the demand for products reduced. Some experts even predict that the roller industry will be greatly affected starting from the second quarter of 2020. The overall demand also reduced significantly. Is the worst for the roller industry yet to come?

danger” in Chinese contains the word "machine”, "danger" can be transferred to "machine". The author thinks that although the epidemic affected the whole economic environment, there are still some new opportunities for the roller industry to be grasped. Currently, the most effective way to deal with the new coronavirus outbreak is isolation, which requires people to stay at home, reduce social interaction and respect social distancing rules. People have become dependent on e-commerce. During the outbreak, JD.com, China's largest e-commerce company, saw a 300 percent sales increase, compared to the same period in previous years. Numerous food items and goods were sent to thousands of households by JD.com's logistics delivery platform. As one of the key components of the e-commerce logistics transportation equipment – the roller is part of the industry’s development and after the outbreak, we expect a new wave of rapid growth.



Famous French writer Balzac said: "Crisis and misfortune, what art thou? Unfortunate is the one who enters the body of a genius, the one who believes in the water of baptism, the man with a priceless treasure, the bottomless abyss of the weak." This outbreak is for the roller industry both an opportunity and a loss. At this point, what kind of mentality should be adopted in order to face the situation? The "ostrich mentality"? Taking advantage of an opportunity for change? As a well-known brand on the roller industry market, Zhejiang Damon Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., definitely chose the latter.

Zhejiang Damon Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. faces the outbreak by actively embracing change. Through hard work, we will improve the quality of our products, deepen the level of scientific management and provide excellent product quality to our customers. We are doing our best to fulfill the "high-quality roller guarantee" commitment that we took.

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