Damon Industry’s global war against “the epidemic”
Release Time:2020-04-22

Today, we received a few testimonies from our international friends:

“ Q: Is there a worse industry than foreign trade in 2020?

Answer: No, foreign trade is the worst of them all.

China just finished the first half of the game, the second half has continued abroad.

In February, I tried hard to prove that we were doing well and that the business was not affected.

In March, I kept assuring our customers that we’re doing well. They would ask: Do you need masks? Is the order still to be paid?

In February, the customers asked me if we could still deliver.

In March, I asked the customers if they could still receive the goods.

 I could only answer with an embarrassing and polite smile, which does reflect the status of foreign traders under the epidemic. After many years of experience, we couldn’t start the work on time and we were urged by the customers; after we resumed work, national logistics was shut down and we couldn’t send finished goods to the customers;

 After fully resuming production and restoring production capacity to meet orders, the epidemic started to spread overseas and one by one, our customers stopped their production. Flights were cancelled, freight rates skyrocketed, and global supply chains were in chaos.

 Viruses know no borders and due to globalization, industrial chains from various countries are interconnected. Today, no country can stand alone. China as a world factory is an important part of the global supply chain. When China was attacked by the new coronavirus, people all over the world paid attention to the epidemic situation. Many countries also extended a helping hand to China, in the fight against the "epidemic".

 As a high-tech private company, Damon Industry chose internationalization in response to the national “Belt and Road” strategy. We have wholly-owned factories in Australia and Europe, and cooperative factories in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.  Damon Industry's rollers are exported to many countries around the world. Our company also introduced advanced international technologies and products on the market and import and export are vital to our business.

 Our supply chain system has been greatly affected by the sudden global epidemic with the "new coronavirus". The shutdown of our Chinese factory started in February, which caused some delays in the deliveries of some orders. Some of our overseas customers worried about our delivery capacity and did not dare to place new orders. Due to our efforts and the local government’s support, Damon Industry resumed production on February the 10th. The company has also come up with a strategy to ensure emergency orders for export. Eventually, only a small amount of orders was affected and postponed. Our overseas factories also received an emergency airlift of components and production was not affected thanks to our timely resumption of work.

During the global spread of the epidemic, normal marketing and sales activities couldn’t be carried out. In addition to communicating with our colleagues and customers around the world, we did our best to help and support each other. During the outbreak inside China, we received "strategic materials - masks" from colleagues and partners located in Romania, the United States, South Korea and other regions. With the spread of the outbreak in South Korea, Europe and the United States, we did our best to help them, just like the Chinese anti-epidemic medical team rushed to the front line in the fight with the virus overseas, after controlling the domestic epidemic situation. 

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