Mom, what is a roller?
Release Time:2019-04-23

Child: Mom, what job do you have?

Me: Your mother sells rollers.

Child: Mom, what is a roller?

Me: Oh…first, rollers can spin; then, if multiple “rollers” are placed together in a row, they can easily transport boxes that are difficult to carry. 


If a small roller starts spinning, the whole world follows.

Child: Mom, how does it spin?    

       Turns out, it revolutionized logistics all over the world. Father Ma came up with the modern electronic communication technology and made the world a smaller place. Let’s say you’re at home tasting some delicious food. In order for this to happen, thousands of small rollers had been silently providing support. The new clothes you’re wearing and the cheese you are eating are also delivered with rollers. If you compare the modern logistics system with a big tree, the seemingly insignificant roller is the root of the logistics conveying equipment and the robust root ensures a stable and efficient operation of the whole logistics system.


Turns out, it revolutionized transportation all over the world. No matter if you’ll travel for study, work or leisure, you’ll find rollers everywhere. When you enter a metro station, a bus station or an airport, the first thing you hear is “Please pass your big bags and small bags through the security check!”. What you see above the security machine is rollers. The security machine helps you transport the bag that has been filled with snacks, so you can pass through security easily and enjoy a safe trip. When you get off the plane, your bags are transported on a long conveyor belt made of rollers, connected with the aircraft’s warehouse. This belt delivers your bags to you, so you won’t have to worry!    



Child: Mom, it seems like the small roller has big dreams and great wisdom!

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