Damon Industry,try my best to be what you like
Release Time:2019-01-24

When you can warm yourself only through hot-water bags in the cold winter days with bitter wind, are you eager to have an intimate boyfriend? Can you expect that you have an intimate boyfriend who is a diligent and self-motivated person and also improve himself for you to make the effort to be what you like? Such a boyfriend will bring you great warmth in the cold winter. 


Damon Industry is such a "warm boyfriend" and always considers the clients as its first love for 20 years. We give much concern about every client's feelings and keep improving ourselves in all respects. 

In 2018, client feedback summarized in the satisfaction survey last year of Damon Industry shows: we have focused on the improvement in product surface, freight, increasing the promotion of the website and App, delivery cycle and personnel attitude and pre-sales accuracy to strive to become what you want to be. 


Damon Industry has got a high score of 93.58 according to "client satisfaction survey report for 2018 " issued last month, which indicates great satisfaction with the "boyfriend". Thank you very much for your recognition! 

Comparison on overall client satisfaction for 4 years 


We find that you think highly of "pre-sales feedback in time", "personnel initiative and attitude", "whether the scheme of personnel meets the demand", "samples and website" and "stability and reliability of product". These must be a great encouragement for the Damon Industry to make us better and further. 


Meanwhile, we would also like to thank you for your comments and suggestions. We also find lots of shortcomings through this survey in the respects of "freight", "overall delivery cycle", "information accuracy confirmed before signing the contract" and "parametric drawing download system", etc. Damon Industry is willing to change for you and strives to become what you like. 

As the saying goes that "actions speak louder than words", we have done more than words. After the communication and discussion among various departments in the Damon Industry, we have made following five major rectification items for 2019: 

1. We need to make the parametric drawing download system revision. 

2. We need to improve the small packages and freight.

3. We need to increase the service accuracy in the early stage of signing the contract. 

4. We need to improve the product surface - galvanized surface oxidation improvement. 

5. We need to improve the overall delivery cycle. 

Wish you to be with us in the future days! We invite you to supervise our rectification process. Let's build a better future together! 


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