Damon Industry helps Jilin pharmaceutical distribution center with medicine sorting
Release Time:2018-12-20

On August 2015, Changchun Pharmaceutical Administration of Jilin Province held a meeting with pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesale distributors and retail chains company headquarters, for the purpose of emphasizing the importance of drug quality and safety.  Ensuring drug quality and safety is the main responsibility of the safety department in a pharmaceutical distribution center and Damon Industry’s rollers fully assist its members in accomplishing tasks.


Jilin province has a total of 260 pharmaceutical distribution centers dealing with different types of medicine. During a working schedule of 8 hours per day, 80 000~1 000 000 types of pharmaceutical drugs are sorted. If they were to be sorted manually, not only the effort would be enormous, but the workers could easily make mistakes. Therefore, Damon rollers helped with implementing an automated sorting system that could reduce labor intensity and improve sorting accuracy.    

1: Damon rollers use high quality 304# welded stainless steel pipes, fitted for safe medicine transport and for any equipment, in temperature conditions varying from -30℃ to +40℃.     


2:The automatic cutting machine is used to make precise cuts; by means of automatic filling, chamfering, drilling and tapping, it also ensures internal thread concentricity at both ends; moreover, the machine’s fixed position ensures precise punching. Consequently, by improving the quality of the roller, installation and operation become easier and labor intensity reduces a lot.

3:Using multi-ribbed belt drives for carrying is both aesthetic and quiet, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs sorting platforms. A stable operation of the machine offers a safer environment, a reduced rate of employees turnover and an improved accuracy rate of sorting and distribution.  


Up until now, Damon rollers were used in logistics sorting projects developed by Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Baishan Zheren Pharmaceutical, Changchun Pharmaceutical, Step-size Pharmaceutical, all located in the province of Jilin. Future projects are to be implemented in companies such as Huitong Pharmaceutical, Zhaoyu Pharmaceutical and Jilin Pharmaceutical of Dongpeng Group. With the rising of 4.0 industry and the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, Damon Industry & Concorde Electric Roller made their way in the pharmaceutical industry, and as for the future, Damon Industry is willing to work together with each and every client, so to be able to improve the quality of its rollers

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