Another Ship of Damon is Setting Sail
Release Time:2018-12-06

With the continuous development and expansion of Damon Industry, the accuracy and capacity of the existing shaft machining equipment cannot meet the production needs. To cope with market changes, meet customer needs and consolidate the industry position of Damon Industrial roller, a set of intelligent multi-branch sawing and deburring machine was successfully put into production on Aug. 18, 2018 after the decision-making of senior leaders and the joint efforts of everyone. 


This intelligent sawing machine realizes intelligent and automatic operation of feeding, delivery, cutting and tailings processing of shafts or pipes through NC intelligent control system. It can automatically identify the material head and tail, cut them off and classify them automatically without the need of manual secondary treatment. In addition, it can automatically identify the availability of materials and realize the functions such as intelligent automatic counting, shutdown and saw blade replacement reminding. 

The intelligent multi-branch sawing equipment is high in production efficiency (4-5 times higher than the ordinary blanking machine), fast in type changing speed and high in machining efficiency. The controllable machining precision is +/-0.05mm, which is the best in global precision.


The axle machining equipment changes the original artificial and semi-automatic operation mode and is high in quality stability and efficiency. It shortens the delivery period, reduces the machining cost and provides higher-quality and more stable and reliable roller products to customers.


Over the past 20 years, Damon Industry forges ahead and has always been focusing on "Quality First, customer orientation", making a large investment in updating software and hardware, absorbing the modern science and technology information in time and making quality solid and stable; striving to create automation, intelligent, digital production and international famous brands, and serving all customers with best roller all the time. 

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